Western Hotel

Side of Hotel-Carport and Portico

Back of hotel-liquor store, catering hall, and private residence

View of railroad station, town, and Delaware River from the 4th story

Bar Room- note the bluestone floors

The bar is built solidly from brick and the floors are patterned bluestone.



Main Dining Room with 6ft Fireplace

Second dining room

Harmonie Hall-catering hall with a bar, stage, stage lighting, dance floor and an outside covered porch.

Harmonie Hall's bar--a functioning antique from the 1800's

4 Huge Chandeliers grace the pressed tin ceiling in Harmonie Hall

Liquor Store

Hotel Room 8

Hotel Room 9

Hotel Room 1

Hotel Room 7

Hotel Room 10

Commercial Kitchen

Private Residence Living Room

Private Residence Kitchen

Private Residence Master Bedroom

Liquor Store

Stone Patio

Hotel Sign